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What is Reflexology?

    Foot reflexology is a type of treatment that applies pressure to specific points on the feet that are believed to correspond to other organs and systems in the body. The feet have reflex points connected to other parts of the body that are believed to promote healing and relaxation and provide a variety of health benefits. By manipulating these reflex areas and points, a person can improve their health by balancing their energies.

    Reflexology is an alternative and complementary medical practice that uses specific thumb, finger, and hand techniques and tools to apply varying amounts of pressure to the feet, hands, ears, or head. The applied pressure can vary depending on the light and is usually done in a structured and methodical manner to ensure that all reflex points are stimulated.

   The origins of foot reflexology can be traced back to ancient China, Egypt, and other cultures where it was used as a form of natural healing. Today, foot reflexology is often used as a complementary treatment alongside other treatments for a variety of conditions including stress, anxiety, pain, and digestive issues.

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